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Client Referral Program

Earn rewards when you refer new business to Repro Products, Inc.

At Repro Products, we believe the ultimate affirmation of our clients’ satisfaction is when they recommend our company’s products and services to a business colleague or friend. We value your recommendations and to say “thank you,” we’ve developed the Repro Products Client Referral Program.

For every new Referral Lead submitted that meets the program guidelines below, you will earn a $200 Amazon e-gift card.

*Referral Program Guidelines:

  • Eligibility: Only current Repro Products clients are eligible to submit Referral Leads. A Referral Lead must be a new customer to Repro Products. Existing customers do not qualify as a new Lead Referral for this program. In the event Repro Products is already working with and/or prospecting the Referral Lead, Repro Products will contact you within forty-eight (48) business hours to advise you of Repro Products’ current activity with the company being referred.
  • Submittal Format: To qualify, all Referral Lead information must be submitted by the referring client via the Repro Products Client Referral Form.
  • Repro Products Qualifying Products or Services: The Referral Lead must result in a $1,500 or more sale of a Repro Products product or service within 90 days of the lead submission.
  • Rewards Fulfillment: Referral rewards will be paid after delivery and/or installation of the referred customer’s Repro Products qualifying product or service. Referral rewards will only be paid once per referred account.

To submit your referral, please complete the form below: